Cautiousness vs. Rashness


Knowing how IMPORTANT right timing is in accomplishing right actions.


Cautiousness in the home includes:


      Deciding if the family has enough money fo major expenditures Ė before making them.

      Foreseeing negative influences in a seemingly good opportunity and avoiding them.

      Seeking counsel from one another before finalizing decisions.

      Judging an activity by whether or not it would encourage good character.

      Asking the ownerís permission before taking or moving his or her belongings.


I will...


      think before I act.

      follow safety rules.

      ask permission.

      talk at the right time.

      look out for danger.


Rewards of Boldness



Fear of what others think may cause a person to lower his or her own standards of good conduct to please them. As a result, this person could be easily deceived and trapped by others. A bold person will keep himself or herself safe from dangerous people.


ďA bold man is better in all things." Ė Homerís Odyssey