Decisiveness vs. Procrastination


The ability to recognize key factors and finalize difficult decisions.


Decisiveness in the home includes:


·      Firmly establishing the family commitment to good character by forming habits based on desired qualities.

·      Discussing with each other the decisions that need to be finalized to avoid making rash choices based on the impulse of the moment.

·      Making decisions based on a commitment to character vs. popular opinion.

·      Keeping each other accountable to not procrastinate.


I will...


·      not look back.

·      do what I say.

·      make the right decision and stick to it.

·      look at things from more than one point of view before making up my mind.

·      not give in to peer pressure.


Rewards of Decisiveness



Obtaining wise counsel from many before finalizing a decision will ensure its success.



Procrastination of decision making often results in confusion and wasted time; when families base decisions on previous commitments, they will have greater confidence in their decisions.



“Decide not rashly. The decision made can never be recalled." Longfellow