Generosity vs. Stinginess


Carefully managing my resources so I can freely give to those in need.


Generosity in the home includes:


        Helping one another on projects he or she cannot finish alone.

        Refraining from spending too much money on things that would not benefit the entire family.

        Parents refraining from giving in to their children's every desire in order to have money and time to give them what they need.

        Completing homework on time in order to help the family with chores and meals.

        Giving up some personal free time to do activities with other family member.


I will...


        share what I have with others.


        not expect anything in return for my generosity.

        give of my time and talents.

        praise the good I see in others.


Rewards of generosity



The paradox about generosity is that the more a person gives away, the happier he becomes. Giving brings even more happiness than receiving.



Far more important than even the tangible benefits given to others is the relationship that develops between giver and recipient. No amount of sacrifice can outweigh the value of a vibrant relationship with another person.


"One cannot be too generous. Very few try; and none succeed." - Percival Christopher Wren