Obedience vs. Willfulness


Quickly and cheerfully carrying out the wise direction of those who are responsible for me.


Obedience in the home includes:


        Establishing practical guidelines of good character for the family.

        Parents teaching children why an activity is right or wrong.

        Children understanding the purpose of guidelines and the consequences for failing to obey them.

        Sons and daughters having the boldness to reject wrong actions in order to obey parents, despite other pressures.

        Parents being role models to their children by honoring their own parents.


I will...


        obey my authorities immediately.

        have a cheerful attitude.

        complete all that I am expected to do.

        not complain.

        go the "extra mile".


Rewards of obedience



The road to leadership often includes painful lessons that obedience protects us from repeating.



Parents and other authorities enjoy rewarding an obedient spirit in those under them by giving to needs and wants.



An obedient spirit motivates parents to give the wisest possible counsel for the decisions their sons and daughters will face.


"Obedience is much more seen in little things than in great." - Thomas Fuller