Orderliness vs. Confusion


Arranging myself and my surroundings to achieve greater efficiency.


Orderliness in the home includes:


      Planning a weekly schedule for personal and family activities.

      Budgeting the income to meet each family member's needs.

      Learning to take the time to put things back after using them.

      Resisting the temptation to buy more than there is time, money, or space for.

      Having a place for every possession and being willing to get rid of personal things in order to have sufficient space for everyone.


I will...


      pick up after myself.

      keep my work and play areas clean and neat.

      put things back where they belong.

      use things only for their intended purposes.

      return lost things to their rightful owners.


Rewards of orderliness



Clutter produces tension, which robs a person of inner tranquility.



Much time and energy are lost when necessary things cannot be found or are not in working conditions.



When clutter is removed, the possessions that remain are able to be enjoyed to their fullest.


"Good order is the foundation of all good things." - Edmund Burke