Truthfulness vs. Deception


Earning future trust by accurately reporting past facts.


TRUTHFULNESS in the home includes:


        Being Transparent with one another, knowing that respect is won, not by hiding, but by confessing faults.

        Revealing the exact amount of money that was spent on purchases instead of only how much was saved.

        Sons and daughters giving their parents all the details about questionable activities so parents will have the correct impression of the people and conditions involved.

        Not exaggerating facts to impress one another.


I will...


        tell the truth.

        encourage others to be truthful.

        not cheat or lie.

        admit when I am wrong.

        not exaggerate to make things seem different from what they are.


Rewards of truthfulness


Clear Conscience

Deception results in guilt, with its physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual consequences. Truthfulness produces boldness and confidence.



Truthfulness is the foundation of integrity and produces trust from others.


"When in doubt, tell the truth." - Mark Twain