Listen to the Cautions of Your Wife

Proverbs 25:12

Basic Insights to Understand and Act Upon a Wife's Cautions

  1. A wife often has inexplainable cautions regarding financial decisions (Judges 13:1-15; Matt. 1:18-25)
  2. A wife has special alertness to the moral aspects of a business partnership (II Kings 4:8-9; Matt. 27:19)
  3. A wife can express her cautions from four conflicting viewports (Prov. 20:5; Gen. 16:5)
  4. A wife has a basic human need for security (I Peter 3:7; I Tim. 5:1-16; I Sam. 25:3-38; Prov. 22:3)
  5. A wife is not as concerned about the amount of her husband's earnings as she is bout his management of it
  6. A wife loses her feeling of self-worth when her husband rejects her financial cautions.
  7. A wife's agreement with a business decision does not in itself make it right (Acts 5:1-11)