Gift of Prophecy (Illustrated by the life of Peter)


·         Need to express themselves

·         Form quick impressions of people

·         Alertness to dishonesty

·         Desire for justice

·         Open about own faults

·         Whole hearted involvement (need to be on the inside)

·         Loyal to truth vs. people

·         Willingness to suffer for right

·         Persuasive in defending truth

Carnal Uses:

·         Exposing without restoring

·         Jumping to conclusions

·         React harshly to dishonesty (sinners)

·         Being unforgiving

·         Condemning themselves

·         Being impetuous

·         Cutting off people who fail

·         Lacking tactfulness in rebuke

·         Dwelling on the negative

Gift of Serving (Illustrated by the life of Timothy)


·         See and meet practical needs

·         Free others to achieve

·         Disregard for weariness

·         Difficulty in saying “No”

·         Alert in likes and dislikes (and remember what other likes)

·         Need approval

·         Like short range projects

·         Put extra touches on a job

·         Meet needs quickly (will sacrifice)

Carnal Uses:

·         Giving unrequested help

·         Letting things to be too important

·         Working beyond physical limits

·         Neglecting God-given priorities (neglect needs of own families and often serve others)

·         Reacting to overlooked needs

·         Resenting lack of appreciation

·         Make other people work around their own schedule

·         Being frustrated with time limits

·         Interfering with God’s discipline

Gift of Teaching (Illustrated by the life of Luke)


·         Need to validate information

·         Check out teachers (and credentials before listening)

·         Rely on established resources

·         Present truth systematically

·         Gather many facts

·         Require thoroughness

·         Uneasy with subjective truth

·         Persevere with “accepted teachers” (people rather than truth)

·         Clarify misunderstanding

Carnal Uses:

·         Becoming proud of knowledge

·         Despising lack of credentials

·         Depend on human reasoning

·         Criticizing practical application

·         Show off research skills

·         Rejecting scriptural pre-suppositions

·         Putting mind above the Holy Spirit

·         Taking teachings to extremes

·         Arguing over minor points

Gift of Exhorting (Illustrated by the life of Paul)


·         Committed to spiritual growth

·         Able to see root problems

·         See steps of actions

·         Raise hope for solutions

·         Turn problems into benefits

·         Desire to be transparent (love to use illustrations)

·         Gain insight through experiences

·         Urgency to act on clear steps of actions

·         Desire to share face to face

Carnal Uses:

·         Keeping others waiting on them

·         Looking to themselves for solutions

·         Being proud of visible results

·         Starting projects for prematurely

·         Treating people into projects

·         Sharing private illustrations

·         Presenting truth out of balance

·         Setting unrealistic goals

·         Giving up on uncooperative people

Gift of Giving (Illustrated by the life of Matthew)


·         Able to see resources (alert to resources)

·         Invest self with gift

·         Desire to give high quality

·         Hope gift answers prayer

·         Desire to give secretly

·         Concern that giving will corrupt

·         Exercise personal thriftiness (how much did I save?)

·         Use gifts to multiply giving

·         Confirm amount with counsel

Carnal Uses:

·         Hoarding resources for self

·         Using gift to control people

·         Forcing higher living standards

·         Feeling guilty about personal asset

·         Rejecting pressure appeals

·         Giving too sparingly to own family

·         Giving to projects vs. people

·         Causing people to look to him vs. God

·         Waiting too long to give

Gift of Organizing (Illustrated by the life of Nehemiah)


·         Able to visualize final results

·         Need loyalty in associates

·         Ability to delegate (know what and when)

·         Ability to withstand reaction to tasks

·         Make job look easy

·         Very alert to details

·         Complete tasks quickly

·         Able to be decisive

·         Completion involves cleanup

Carnal Uses:

·         Viewing people as only resources

·         Build loyalty with favoritism

·         Using delegation to avoid work

·         Being unresponsive to appeals

·         Putting projects ahead of people

·         Overlooking worker’s serous faults

·         Failing to explain or praise

·         Forcing decisions on others

·         Losing interest in finished job

Gift of Mercy (Illustrated by the life of John)


·         Deeply loyal to friends

·         Need for deep friendships

·         Emphathize with hurting people

·         Decisions based on benefits

·         Deeply sensitive to loved ones

·         Attract people in distress

·         Desire to remove hurts

·         Measure acceptance by closeness

·         Attracted to gift of prophets

Carnal Uses:

·         Taking up offences

·         Becoming possessive

·         Tolerating evil

·         Failing to be firm

·         Leaning on emotions vs. reason

·         Defrauding opposite sex

·         Reacting to God's purposes

·         Failing to show deference

·         Cutting off insensitive people