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Wushu News

Welcome to Shao Li Wushu & Taiji!

Shao Li Wushu is a Wushu and Taiji school located in Overland Park, within the Greater Kansas City area. We are part of a school that teaches over 5 different martial arts. The Wushu and Taiji segments are led by Instructor Shao Li: a 28 year veteran in Chinese Martial Arts, and more specifically, Wushu and Taiji. We currently offer Wushu classes twice per week and Taiji classes twice per week. Check our schedule to get the latest. We actually update quite frequently, so check back as often as you like.

School News


...all links should be working again...


Though not much appears to have been going on, we're not all sitting around getting bellies and such.

We have a demonstration coming up on the 25th of this month. Hopefully we'll be able to pull ourselves together and put something solid together.


Another update from Cody!

In Da Tong, a friend of mine bought an airsoft pistol (it's a bb gun with plastic bbs) and we took turns shooting each other with it. Good times, really. Until they thought it was a good idea to barge in on me while I was taking a shower and unload on me. They will pay, dearly, mind you...


This just in from Cody!!!

Before getting toofarinto this, I'm goingto first saythat the space baronthis computerdoesn't workwell and to ease my frustrations, I'm not going to be harsh about spacing. I'mjust going to type andif you get spaces, you get spaces. If you don't get spaces then NO SPACES FOR YOU!!!


We've received word from Cody! Sounds like he's working hard and having a great time in Beijing. To read his latest visit Chop Suey.

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