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Four Wushu Students Traveling To Beijing, China.

This is the documentation for our preparation and soon to be travels to Beijing, China. We're all really excited about this, but I'm going to try to keep these things really short and to the point. One, because there's just not much time to write. Two, because someone might want to reference this at some point to aid in their travels abroad. I'll list some resources along with any other tips I can find as we go. For now, here are the resources we've found/purchased to get us to where we are right now.

Where are we training: ShiChaHai (in BeiHai Park)

How long is the trip: May 30 - June 13

Web site: (Tickets and Visa)


Ethics and Conduct - "China: A Quick Guide to Customs and Etiquette"
Site Seeing & Facts - "Insight Guides: Beijing"
Knowledge & Common Sense Material - "Frommer's Beijing"

Cody the Completely Copacetic - 07.30.2004

Alright, I apologize for my...right now I'm trying to think of the word that I need to use, but I can't. That's horrible. Since being here not only has my chinese fallen off, but my english is absolutely atrocious. I haven't written in a while because we had midterms last week and then we went for a little excursion. ---sidenote, last time my space bar didn't workk right and now it sticks so you will be seeing oddlly spaced words here and there, especially as I continue to write, because I will invariably get tired of backspacing and deleting them---sidenoteover.

We went to a place called Da Tong. Da Tong is backwoods. But when I asked our teacher how backwoods it was comparitively, the said it wasnt backwoods at all. There are like 2 million people living there and there are no buildings over four stories tall. Most of the are the little shanties that you imagine when thinking of China. I've got pictures, I'll enlighten you all when I get back. Da Tong's claim to fame is it's number of historical sites. There are a ton. Strangely, they all look more or less the ssame. And they all inspire me to make movies. It's all straight ourt of a kung fu flic, seriously. I'll talk more about that later.

My midterms went well. I got an A, which was rather surprising, considering the amount of time i actually spent studying. I stayed up the whole night before trying to prepare, because I realized that I had done very little in the way of preparation the week before. Unfortunately, my roommate has a playstation, a dvd player and quite a few exceptionally good to watch DVDs, soo little got done. Oh well, all's well that endsss well.

I've been wondering exactly why I'm working so hard here, sseriuosly, I don't get a grade when I go back. Hm. I'll think more and getback to you.

I've been spending a lot of time with Wei Lai, that chinese girl I told you about. Don't be worrying about me getting married or anything, you doofuses, it's not so much like that. She takes me to places I wouldn't be able to see otherwise and helps me with my conversational chinese. I help her with her english and give her the opportunity to be gawked at on the street because she's walking with some strange looking foreign guy who is most likely a demon because that's what traditional folk lore tells them about redheaded monsters. (IE me)

I go to wushu occasionally, but not as much as I'd like. Like once a week. It's a drag. I haven't learned anything new and I don't imagine I'll be able to, honestly. I did join a local gym, so I've been able to work out here and there, but lifting is boring in comparison to trying to fly. Hmph. Maybe next summer.

In Da Tong, a friend of mine bought an airsoft pistol (it's a bb gun with plastic bbs) and we took turns shooting each other with it. Good times, really. Until they thought it was a good idea to barge in on me while I was taking a shower and unload on me. They will pay, dearly, mind you, I just haven't been able to find a horny yak, an industrial sized jar of honey, seventeen hawaiian shirts or superglue that smells like yak millk. On the bright side, I have been able to locate three electric eels and candy that tastes like poo. So they'll get theirs. Oh yes, they will.

While I'm here, I should ask if there is anything that you guys can think of in particular that you want. I'm about to start my shopping and suggestions would be great!

In closing, I would like to reiterate my apologies for my poor enlishg and interesting spacing and/or spelling styless.

Again, I've reached the point where my hour is up and I must go. I think of you all often and will soon be seeing many of you! (Except Junsan!!!:(....) I never use emoticons, because I think they're ridiculous, but this situation is special. I will truly miss you Jun!

I also apologize for not calling. You see, we're exactly on opposite schedules here. I have class when you guys aren't at work, and I'm sleepign when you're awake. Sorry. Some night I'll stay up and give you all a call. I hope it's enough to know that I'm thinking of you all!

Also, I'll resspond individual to letters later, right now I don't have time. Booo.

Later Taters.

BJ, I enjoy your letters. Your englishh majoring paid the off.

Cody the Completely Copacetic (and slightly redundant)

07.20.2004 - Watermelon Adventures

Before getting toofarinto this, I'm goingto first saythat the space baronthis computerdoesn't workwell and to ease my frustrations, I'm not going to be harsh about spacing. I'mjust going to type andif you get spaces, you get spaces. If you don't get spaces then NO SPACES FOR YOU!!!

I'll start with school as that's possibly the least entertaining.

Oh wait, I'm going to start by sayinghello to those who haven't received an email from me yet and apologizing to them if they don't remember whoI am or just genuinely don't care. (UNITY folks, that'syou, I'm Cody if you didn't knowthe redheaded wonder. If you forgotme, you're fired and I'm going to serve you thenext time I see you. I've got new tricks...Chinese tricks...I'min Chinanow so don't mess with megrrrrrrrrr.)

Okay, now onto school. I still study ridiculous amounts, butit has yet to interfere with my going out. Unfortunately it's still interfering with my wushu. It's a ratherpain inthe arse. I'm only going likeonce a week,however I'vestarted going to a gym really close to my school, so I'm keeping up my proper fit form, you know, mate? The gym is actually interesting. It's brandnew, kinda small and they're inthe middle of filminga reality tv show based on likemodelsearch USA or something. So,there are hardly any people there except for ACC students and wannabe Models. Hahaha. I know, how does this happen?

Rather unfortunately, thecriteria for being a model inchina are not particularly stringent. All you havetodo is be tall. That's it. You can be talland flabby,talland repulsive (okay, not repulsive, but definitely not attractive) andit's still okay. Weird. Honestly, the chinesegirlthat I'vebeen hangingoutwith (her name is Wei Lai, it means "future" all the chinese people I meet with her go on and on about hername...I'll talk more about her later. Matybe. if you'relucky and I'mm not shy) is much more attractive than all of the "models" but she has more lofty ambitions.

So school, right. I've scored wellon my last tests, I might even get an A forthe class. Honestly,I'd better,because I've never studied this much in my entire life. Ever. Nor will I everagain. I think.

Okay, onto moreimportantthings. Last night was probably oneof the moreinteresting nights I'vehad here. Seriously. I've met a few english blokes with whom I go out every weekend (along with natalie the canuck--i think I've written of her, she's probably my favorite classmate...she likes to laugh and honestly reminds me a little of Lacy for some reason and I kinda miss the little squirt, so maybe that has something to do with why I'm with the girl somuch). Last night wastheir last night in Beijing and honestly a little sad. Untilwe brought out the watermelons. But that tomfoolery will wait.

We went to our usual haunt and tied a few on, reminisced(howdo you spell that, seriously?) and then set out for a night unlikemost others. Fromthe bus bar, we wentto a flamenco bar whereI learnedhow to salsa a bit and was exposed to sambuca. It tastes like licorice!!! Aiya. The night before last we had decided we should have a nice little international competition of sorts. You know, just to settle those economic, political and sportstastic rivalries between American and our older but smellier and stupider older brother England (no Cody references Lacy, none at all).

Obviously, the proper course of action was to smash locally grown watermelons on our heads. And this is exactly what we did. We also have video for those interested, it will be a few days, but it's going onthe internet. Don't tell anyone, but I accidentally cheated. I was testing the melon out for weak spots with my fist and accidentally cracked it before the actual event, so my bursting of melons technique appeardto be particularly powerful. It seriously exploded.

Unfortunately we had the particularly poor foresight of executing in a rather populated area in front of some poor shopkeepers shop. After the detonation, he promptly went to find the cops and we promptly hot footed it out ofthere. So yeah, it was a good night. we then went to a hiptothehopping club and I dance for a very long time with girls that were far to attractive to be dancing with me. Fortunately, chinese boys can not dance at all. So, my undulating hips and fancy footworkmakes up forthe brokenness of my grill. Yeehaw.

Fromthere I left and heard that Wei Lai was now grouchy with me because I didn't ask her to come to the club when I was there. Aiya. No biggie, honestly, she's pretty good fun and rather smart. Two importantthingsin my book. When I have pictures I'll send one.

I'm going to take off now. I still want to be personalizing, but apparently I'vealready written too much. My time on this computerisup. However, I'd like to say to Dean, no, it's not like that with her, to Beeej, no matter how long I'veknownyou, it's a brotherhood now, and no, I'mnot a ....tailhound....I really enjoyed your message though, buddy. Matt, I'm happy you wrote and goodto heard that you'redoingwell. I can't wait to come visit. You're still talking girl that said hello to me? Interesting. Junsan, you're fired for not writing. I thought...I'm sad now. Buttface. Jakeryjakeryjock, I'm glad things are good at school PPPPPPoooooOOOWWWEEER!!! I've started saying it.

I' having entirely too much fun. But I still want to see you all very badly.

To therest ofyou, I wanna write but have no time!!! I'm almost being kicked the off ofthe computer....argh.

My love and laughs,

Cody the Cranially Challenged (Ithink that watermelon did something to me...Oi)

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