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"Teacher" Marc
What more can be said? This man knows it all. He's been in martial arts for as long as we all can remember. He currently has 23 teachers. He's never left Kansas and enjoys skiing. He's a member of the Mickey Mouse Club and can poke a kids eyes out with the flick of a finger.

Kunyu: "The owner of the Lotus jump."
Quiet. Subtle. Kick your butt. She has to be the fastest person in class. You wouldn't see it coming. She dominates in the southern wrestling style of Wushu as well. If only she had the time for some real Wushu. She'd dominate.

Charissa "will get the aerial soon."
Charissa can kick the back of her head. Yeah. She's been involved with Wushu for the past 3 1/2 years of her life and spent the majority of her time before that trying to find her brain.

"Drill Instructor" Dean
What's the first thing that comes to mind when we all see Dean? He's too tall for Wushu! Dean will be traveling with Cody, Francis and possibly Kunyu to China in June of 2004. There Dean plans to take over China and formally create a "larger competition size carpet" for tall Wushu practioners. Do they make carpet that big, Dean?

Jerry: "We don't need video, we have Jerry."
Jerry is studying Wushu and the art of cooking as well. She spends much of her Wushu time learning Taiji and Taiji Sword. She has a slight fear of heights, but can cook a mean Chinese dish. We think her favorite color is black. And if she had a cat, it would be named something Barney or something.

Tom "spring loaded beef jerky"
Tom is funny. Tom is like Marc. Tom is bendy, but can't do the splits, yet. Tom looks really Asian and acts like Bruce Lee. Tom is like Marc. Tom is like Marc. Tom knows lots of forms. Tom has been learning for a while like Marc. Tom has teachers like Marc. Tom is basically like Marc. Tom, Tom, Tom.

Jane "the interpreter"
Jane comes to every class and always helps clean. She's a waitress at a local buffet and never hooks any of us up. Now that's dedication and sincerety. She's an extremely hard worker and loves to talk about how things are. She's been practicing Wushu for almost 2 years now.

Cody "a.k.a. Codante"
He hates it when we call him Monkey Boy so we don't really do that any more. Cody really does his own thing. We love him for that. Cody will be going to China, but will be staying the longest out of anyone to extend his Chinese speaking abilities. He's super pumped about it and he should be. Cody has never left Kansas and frequently thinks that he's a superhero.

Uncle Emile (enough said)
This is our leader. He's the bossman. While managing to put his kids through college and redecorate his entire house, he still finds a way to not have to actually work to pay for any of it. It's a mystery. If you can't tell from his photo, he's the reigning 6-time national thumb-war champion of Chile. We're very proud of him and are ready to help him walk when he can't: next year. Take it slow. You can do it.

2004 Shao Li Wushu