Senior Citizens

For most senior citizens moving to a retirement community or home, this will be the first move in quite a while. After living in a certain house for many years, a new environment can be unnerving. Our promise is to make the transition as smooth as possible. We will place all furniture exactly where the customer wants it, to ensure a feeling of "home".

Moving family members to a retirement home or community
Are you in charge of relocating a senior family member to a retirement home or community? With all that is involved, you have a huge responsibility on your hands. Let us help by handling the move! Whether you need unpacking, and/or move-out cleaning, we have a plan to fit your need ... and budget! Doing the move yourself? We also offer Moving Help, where we help load or unload your rental truck! Either way, our courteous movers will safely move your senior family member's belongings into his or her new home. It will be one less thing you'll have to worry about.

Moving from independent living to assisted living
For senior citizens moving from independent living to assisted living, personal belongings will be limited ... especially the furniture. Depending on your request, we can move these items to a family member's house, to storage, or wherever it is to be moved.
Why the Senior citizen's moving discount

Many of the things we enjoy today are because of our senior citizens. We offer senior citizen discounts on moving ... just to say "Thanks"!

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