Moving Related Services

There are situations that do not fit the traditional moving need ... we may be able to help!

Furniture rearranging
Rooms need to be changed Rearranging rooms? Need some strong backs for the task? Tell us how you want your furniture rearranged. Now the room looks the way you wanted it to ... with no strain on you! Call us, we will move one item or one hundred items.

Furniture delivery
We deliver furniture for individuals and furniture companies. Is the furniture company charging too much to deliver? Will they only deliver between certain times and/or certain areas? Call us we will work with you. Are you a furniture company that does not deliver to certain areas? Please call us we will be happy to be of service.

span class="green">Flooring jobs
furniture moved for floors to be done Are you having your floors done? Do you need to have furniture removed from selected rooms ... and put back after the job? We can help!

Not comfortable driving a rental truck?
Most people don't drive large vehicles on a regular basis. Or maybe you can drive a large truck, but would like to drive the family car, while someone else drives the truck. Whatever the reason, we have experienced, Class B commercial drivers to drive your rental truck!

Unpacking and hauling
Unpacking can seem endless ... it's very time consuming. Let us help you unpack. Let us haul away your empty moving boxes, packing material, etc. This will save you a trip to the dump and free up more time to enjoy your new place.

Cleanout and hauling
Cleaning out a garage, basement, or attic of unwanted items? We can provide labor and/or the truck to help with your task!

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